Loungewear Brands Perfect for Work-From-Home

With the Pandemic implementing an indefinite stay-at-home order for many, a lot of people are prioritizing comfort over style. The good thing is that with loungewear, you do not have to choose between the two. Recently, many loungewear companies are incorporating different styles into their products to coincide with recent trends. Let’s take a look at some loungewear companies that have put elegance into comfort for 2021. 




This Brooklyn-based brand started in 2018, is bringing luxury into loungewear. A staple from the 1960s, the brand wanted to put its own spin on the housecoat. There are many chintzy-florals to choose from in this one-size-fits-all lightweight gender-neutral garment. The housecoat is neutral-quilted, kimono shaped, and has a t-shirt like fabric on the inside. The coat comes in multiple colors such as subtle-neutrals, sage-green, electric-blue, blush, and more. The fall will bring in two new colorways. 


Olivia von Halle


British designer Olivia von Halle’s brand, was inspired by a trip she once took to Shanghai. She asked a local tailor to make some luxurious printed silk pajamas for her that were not only great to sleep in, but also fit for evening parties and morning walks with her dog. Her pajamas were a hit, and multiple of her friends wanted to follow suit. Because of this, Olivia decided to launch her own label in 2011 when she arrived back in London. Today, her brand contains various loungewear and night-wear options that come in psychedelic wallpaper-like prints, tropical flower motifs, and acid-hued animal prints. One of the key features is the 19-momme silk that gives her clothing its luxurious feel. 




This brand is a stem off of the brand “Band of Outsiders” started by Los Angeles based designer Scott Sternberg. The line is a rendition of casual men’s and women’s clothing such as button-downs, underwear, socks, and classic cotton t-shirts. However, their most stand-out item is the monochromatic sweats that come in bright, fun colors such as sky blue, cherry red, key-lime green, and buttercup yellow. The matching sets are perfect for working from home, lounging around the house, and even going out to run some errands.