Alexandra ArrivillagaAlexandra Arrivillaga is an activist for women and human rights in her community. She is the Founder and CEO of Owl Management Consulting, headquartered in the government and financial districts of Boston, MA. Owl Management Consulting focuses on strategy and diversity consulting. Prior to launching this consulting firm in 2015, Alexandra founded the successful telecommunications and security solutions company, Lock It Up, LLC, in 2009.

Although Lock it Up, LLC, began as a concept that Alexandra Arrivillaga developed out of her basement. She quickly grew the business by connecting with otherwise overlooked markets. The leadership exhibited by the CEO coupled with the comprehensive and quality service of Lock it Up, LLC, ensured a loyal client base, and a steady influx of contracts. The client base quickly grew to include a number of Fortune 500 companies like Wal-Mart and Pandora from just small Mom and Pop shops. The number of Fortune 500 companies on her roster continued to expand, and Alexandra claims it was mostly through referrals. Alexandra recently sold Lock it Up, LLC, for an undisclosed sum and she can now focus all of her energy on continued development of the services offered by Owl Management Consulting. In 2016, Alexandra Arrivillaga opened a second consultant company named Proplex 5, LLC. Within that same year, Alexandra created a software company named Social Biz, LLC. She is happily married and lives in Newton, Massachusetts. 


When Alexandra Arrivillaga was still in middle school or just starting out in high school in Boston, one of her relatives suggested that she pursue her education and travel opportunities as much as possible before life becomes too hectic to do either. Alexandra took this to heart and it shaped much of her adult life. In 2005, Alexandra graduated from Lesley University, (at that time it was all-women) a small school nestled in Cambridge, MA. At Lesley, Alexandra was president of her class during all four years and received her Bachelor’s of Science in Management and consistently made the Dean’s List all four years.

IMG_1961In the years that followed, Alexandra entered the work force full-time, but arranged her schedule so that she could continue coursework towards a Master’s in Management at Cambridge University. She did just that, and completed the work for a 2 year full-time program in 1.5 years while maintaining a full-time job. Alexandra felt that this degree gave her some insight into management and felt that she could apply these lessons directly to her job. A few years later, Alexandra returned to academia and completed coursework at Concord Law School (CA). In 2018, Alexandra received her PhD in Business in Organizational Behavior at North Central University in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Alexandra plans to continue her legal studies in Boston.


Alexandra ArrivillagaIn addition to Alexandra Arrivillaga’s lifetime devotion to bettering herself through education, she has made a real point of seeing as much of the world as possible. Alexandra began traveling in college and since then, she hasn’t been able to stop. She jumps at the chance to explore different cultures and ways of living through experiences abroad. Not only does Alexandra crave the excitement of experiencing something new, but she feels that these travels have taught her so much and made her much more cognizant of her role in a global community. To date, Alexandra has visited over 50 countries and looks forward to traveling and adding more to her list. However, one of the most meaningful trips that she’s taken was to Colombia. Alexandra comes from the traditional De Castro family of Barranquilla, Colombia, where her great grandfather, Diego A. De Castro, was the city’s first governor.